Work Experience

My involvment in projects with a large film/tv crew.


  • Feature Drama
  • December 2018
  • 4 December 2020
  • Director of Photography

Anat's Party

  • Short Movie
  • February 2018
  • Camera Assistant

A is for Artist

  • Short Movie
  • March 2018
  • Camera Assistant

21st UK International Jewish Film Festival

  • Promo Video
  • October 2017
  • Camera Assistant

Self Esteem - Your Wife

  • Music Promo
  • June 2017
  • Camera Trainee
  • Arri Alexa Mini

Nine Mile Creek

  • Short Film
  • June 2017
  • Script Supervisor
  • Arri Amira

You Should Know Better

  • Short Film
  • May 2017
  • Script Supervisor
  • RED Epic

ITV Insight

  • Member of the floorwalking team of the Love your Mac program
  • October 2015
  • Project Assistant


  • Intern at the 4Creative Department
  • May 2015
  • Runner and Researcher
  • Underdog, Benefits Street (series 2), The Jump


  • Intern at the Documentary Department
  • August 2014
  • Runner and Production Assistant
  • Britain on the Fiddle (series 2), Our War (series 3), Modern Times 'Weekend Warriors'

Own projects

Selection of micro-budget short movies and reportages, where I had a major role in the production process.

Hibáztam (I've made a mistake)

  • Debut video of Hungarian rap band
  • January 2017
  • Director, Script, DOP, Editing
  • Sony Alpha A7-II, GoPro Hero 4
  • Edvárd Máté, Róbert Csébi, Zoltán Varga, Zsolt Sztupák
  • Watch on Vimeo
  • Watch on YouTube

One SIM Card Is Enough


  • It is always wise to relax outside for a bit if you feel down after an exhausting day
  • May 2011
  • Director
  • Canon 60D
  • Adrienn Kóti, Zsolt Sztupák
  • Watch on Vimeo

A képzelet ereje (The power of imagination)

  • March 2011
  • Director, Script, Editing
  • Canon HV20
  • Ádám Müller, Czervan Andrea, Czervan Ildikó, Judit Madlena, Lili Birtók, Zsolt Sztupák
  • Watch on YouTube


  • December 2010
  • Director, Actor
  • Canon HV20
  • Judit Madlena, Zsolt Sztupák
  • Watch on YouTube


  • Documentary
  • June 2017
  • Camera, Sound
  • Canon HV20, Sony Alpha A7-II

Klapa Koznio Live Concert

  • November 2014
  • Camera, Editing, Sound
  • Canon HV20, Canon 60D

Reportage with Ágnes Simándi

  • November 2011
  • Director, Script, Editing
  • Canon HV20
  • Ágnes Simándi
  • Watch on YouTube

Pázsitos Sétány (10 Pazsitos Way)

  • January 2010
  • Editor, Sound
  • Alexandra Váradi, István Hevesi, Judit Madlena, Júlia Abramovskaya, Katalin Meggyes, Lukács Zsóri, Mása Babina, Zoltán Kőrösi, Zsolt Sztupák, Zsuzsanna Kurucz
  • Watch on YouTube

Reportage with the leader of the MKKP

  • October 2009
  • Editor
  • In the last section (The people of the streets - 10:58-12:52): Director, Camera operator
  • Watch on YouTube

Héják és Galambok (Hawks and pigeons)

  • April 2009
  • Director, Script, DOP, Editor
  • Canon HV20
  • Audrey White, Judit Madlena, Júlia Abramovskaya, Zsolt Sztupák, Zsuzsanna Kurucz
  • Watch on YouTube

Öv (The belt)

Kapcsolatok (Connections)

Publications and other writings

Some of my publications, theses and tutorials I wrote

Meteo, a poszt-apokaliptikus vízió (Meteo, the Hungarian post-apocalyptic vision)

  • Published in Adsumus VII., 9789632840697, ELTE Eötvös József Collegium, Budapest [p. 25-38.]; Lectored by dr. Gábor Gelencsér
  • Download as PDF (Hungarian)

Nők a Viking korban (Women in Viking Age)

  • Published in Adsumus VI., 9789634639992, ELTE Eötvös József Collegium, Budapest [p. 88-100.]; Lectored by Ildikó Annus
  • Download as PDF (Hungarian)

FFMpeg Tutorial

  • FFmpeg tutorial, written during the internship at the BBC
  • Link (English)

Identitás és reprezentáció a kortárs török-német filmekben (Identity and representation in contemporary Turkish-German cinema)

Dystopian Fantasy

  • What does a dystopia "look like"? (essay about Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange)
  • Download (English)

Nyugat-európai kortárs diaszpóra filmek (Western-European contemporary diasporic cinema)